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Created for the Ludum Dare 38 Jam:$16850

Rise of the Termites A Ludum Dare 38 Game where you manage a colony of Termites under assault

Opt-out of audio and music category

* Include Multiple levels with increasing difficulty

* Include a Sandbox level for you to build without fear of death

* 4 different types of Termites

* 29 different type of Buildings

* 6 resources to manage

In Rise of the Termites, you manage a colony and fend off from enemies attacking you.

The game doesn't include a tutorial but mouse over anything to get info about it.


* **SITE:**$16850


* **ITCH.IO:** (Browser & Download for windows)

Program used

* Unity 5.6.0f3 Pro & Free

* Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate & Comunity

* Paint.Net

* SourceTree

* Piskel 0.10.0

Sound & Music

* Auto music generator

* Popping by udoxas | License: Creative Commons 0

* Crache.wav by davidou | License: Creative Commons 0

* Digging .wav by tanapistorius | License: Attribution Noncommercial

Script Language

* C# (Unity Mono)

Data Format



If you feel like donating, it will go to the coffee and food found for the next ludum dare. 4 Dev for 72h drink a lot of coffee :D


Download 41 MB

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