It’s finally friday and it’s date night ! Your wife is waiting for you in the restaurant but you have too much tasks to finish before leaving. Try to make it to your date before you submerge deeper and deeper into your tasks and miss your date! Good luck! 

Instructions & Gameplay 

Only thing you have to do is clicking & typing. 

You have 3 minutes to finish as much as tasks you can and have your highest score. Try to stop your tasks piling up more and more, the limit it 10 tasks. If you have more tasks than that you will be fired ! 

For hardcore gamers we put a difficult option, so feel free to challenge yourself :)

Thanks for playing our game and we hope that you will have lots of fun! 


3D design with Blockbench  / 2D design/graphics with Photoshop  / Game made by unity  / Game music generated via ecrett music / SoundFX dowloaded via

P.S: We will be playing lots of game entries this time and stream live on twitch. We will be happy to play your game. Come joins us live and submit your game for us to play on

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Ludum Dare 48, Short
LinksLudum Dare


Windows Version - Date Night 24 MB


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Ce jeu est très marrant et divertissant, le concept est très original, je n'ai vu aucun jeu qui y ressemble de près ou de lien pendant le ledum.

Les graphismes sont jolis et font penser immédiatement aux célèbres jeux Minecraft. La mécanique est (selon moi) de faire des tâches, de plus en plus profondément, ce qui rend le jeu très amusant. La musique est très bien, j'ai bien aimé le bruitage du patron et de la machine à café, la musique de fond est également fort agréable.

Quant au message à la fin, il me fait penser à un célèbre (ancien) président en Amérique du Nord qui a fait beaucoup parler de lui dans le monde.

This game is very fun and entertaining, the concept is very original, I have not seen any game that looks like it closely or link during the ledum.

The graphics are pretty and immediately remind of the famous Minecraft games. The mechanics is (in my opinion) doing tasks, more and more deeply, which makes the game very fun. The music is very good, I liked the sound of the boss and the coffee machine, the background music is also very nice.

As for the message at the end, it reminds me of a famous (former) president in North America who has made much of himself in the world.