game made for Ludum Dare 40:

## Story

In 72CoCSD you take the role of a fresh employee at the Customer Satisfaction Agent Department of the famous 72Co! Answer the questions of many customer following a simple procedure and ensure your place in the future of the corporation.

* Typing game with procedural generated language
* An awesome retro look and feel
* Completely customizable difficulty
* Customers names came from my subscriber list on twitch from the 03/12/2017

## Modding the game

* The game is fully modifiable, check out the streaming asset folder, it contains all the data for everything. You can create your own vowels, consonats, events, customers, dialog, and so on!

## Program used
* Unity 2017.1 Pro & Free
* Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate
* Paint.Net
* Chronolapse

## Script Language
* C# (Unity Mono)

## Data Format


Download 14 MB
LD40WebGl HTML WebGL Downloadable 7 MB